Friday, March 13, 2009

I kneel down and desperately want to know you more.

I feel that I'm at a dead end right now. Life has become so routine. My dreams seem to have faded and my inspiration on hold. I'm desperate for you God. I'm desperate to know you in a more intimate way. I'm desperate to know the deepest desires of your heart. What do you want for my life? Where are you sending me? I'm falling down before you in need of your greatness to consume me; your beauty to blind me; your hope to define me; your forgiveness to cover me; your hands to protect me; your majesty to humble me. I stand in wonder of who you are. I so want to know you more. Teach me, mold me, and make me look more like you. Help me to let go of the things in my life that are not pleasing to you. Help me to surrender to you. Heal me of past wounds. Let me be renewed. Help me to let go of my fears. My fears of mediorocricy. Give me a new hope. Surface my dreams and let them be centered around you. Let your beauty and grace inspire me to be more like you. Let them inspire me to do the things that draw me nearer to you. Let the inspiration overflow me and consume the life around me. In everything I am and in everything I am not, let my life be inspired by you.

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